penktadienis, lapkričio 5

The Mentors‘ Day

What our mentees have done today was absolutely unexpected and awesome.

Asked to show their gratitude and love, they forced us to run up and down the stairs and around the cars, told as to string their shoes, to kiss the dorm keeper and asked to sing in the rain. Gave us a sufficient amount of alcohol and then showed an amazing play with the fire.

After that showed us a short movie and charged with all the “tortures” they experienced because of mentors. Some of us were “tormentors” because of taking sick Erasmus students to the hospital, someone wasn’t good enough by organizing a lot of events, someone was charged with making a breakfast to bed. How she could do that?..

They gave us roses, to each one of us, and mine Erasmus student gave me a special second one. ♥ We took tons of photos and there was a kitchen party after that.

Now – Woo club and after party there. Some of us are already absolutely drunk.

God help to survive till sunrise.

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