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The Secret. Paslaptis

Na va, perskaičiau Rhonda Byrne knygą "The secret". Nuoširdžiai sakau, kad bent kolkas dar nežinau - čia smegenų plovimas ar iš tiesų nepakartojamas raktas į bet kokią sėkmę ir svajones. Nežinau. Reikia išbandyt turbūt :) O šiaip tai pasidariau šiokį tokį patikusių minčių sąrašą, tai dalinuosi.
Ne trumpas išėjo, bet bent jau prisiminti, ką knygoje skaitei arba nuspręsti, ar ją skaityti, tikrai padės.

  • The secret is the law of atraction.
  • The law responds to your thoughts, no matter what they may be.
  • If you can think about what you want in your mind, and make that your dominant thought, you will bring it into your life.
  • Whether we realize it or not, we are thinking most of the time. If you are speaking or listening to someone, you are thinking. If you are reading the newspaper or watching television, you are thinking.
  • When you recall memories from your past, you are thinking. When you are considering something in your future, you are thinking. When you are driving, you are thinking. When you arc getting ready in the morning, you are thinking. For many of us, the only time we are not thinking is when we are asleep; however, the forces of attraction are still operating on our last thoughts as we fall asleep. Make your last thoughts before going to sleep good thoughts.
  • What you are thinking now is creating your future life. 

You can completely change every circumstance and event in your entire life, by changing the way you think. 

  • Your life is a mirror of the dominant thoughts you think.
  • Meditation quiets your mind, helps you control your thoughts, and revitalizes your body.

  • Your feelings are an immediate signal for you to know what you are thinking.
  • No one can tell you whether you are feeling good or bad, because you are the only one who knows how you're feeling at any time. If you're not sure how you're feeling, just ask yourself, "How am I feeling?"
  • Iit is impossible to feel bad and at the same time be having good thoughts. Your thoughts cause your feelings.
  • As you feel bad, and don't make any effort to change your thoughts and feel better, you are in effect saying, "Bring me more circumstance that will make me feel bad. Bring it on!"
  • Seize those moments when you are feeling good, and milk them. Be aware that as you are feeling good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you.
  • So what are you feeling now? Take a few moments to think about how you feel. If you're not feeling as good as you'd like to, focus on feeling your feelings inside and purposefully lift them. As you focus intensely on your feelings, with the intention to lift yourself, you can powerfully elevate them.
  • Make a list of some Secret Shifters to have up your sleeve. By Secret Shifters, I mean things that can change your feelings in a snap. It might be beautiful memories, future events, funny moments, nature, a person you love, your favorite music. Then if you find yourself angry or frustrated or not feeling good, turn to your Secret Shifters list and focus on one of them. Different things will shift you at different times, so if one doesn't work, go to another. It only takes a minute or two of changing focus to shift yourself and shift your frequency.

You cannot harm another with your thoughts, you only harm You.

  • You get to choose what you want, but you must get clear about what you want. Ask what you want.
  • You do not have to ask over and over again. Just ask once.
  • You must believe that you have received. You must know that what you want is yours the moment you ask. You must have complete and utter faith. If you had placed an order from a catalogue you would relax/ know you are going to receive what you ordered, and get on with your life.
  • Claim the things you want by feeling and believing they are yours. When you do that, the law of attraction will powerfully move all circumstances, people, and events for you to receive.

  • How it will happen, how the Universe will bring it to you, is not your concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want. Any time delay you experience is due to your delay in getting to the place of believing, knowing, and feeling that you already have it.
  • Next time you are in a situation where you are waiting, seize that time and imagine having all the things you want. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Turn every life situation into a positive one!
  • Expect the things you want and don't expect the things you don't want.
  • It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you have.
  • Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it's possible for you. And then close your eyes every day for several minutes, and visualize having what you already want, feeling the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you're grateful for already, and really enjoy it. Then go into your day and release it to the Universe and trust that the Universe will figure out how to manifest it.
  • The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to BE and FEEL happy now!
  • Thoughts create the words we speak, the feelings we feel, and our actions. Actions are
    particularly powerful because they are thoughts that have caused us to act.
  • When you want to attract something into your life, make sure your actions don't contradict your desires.
  • Think about what you have asked for, and make sure that your actions are mirroring what you expect to receive, and that they're not contradicting what you've asked for. Act as if you are receiving it. Do exactly what you would do if you were receiving it today, and take actions in your life to reflect that powerful expectation.
  • Laughter really is the best medicine.
  • If you are not feeling great and somebody asks you how you are feeling, just be grateful that that person has reminded you to think thoughts of feeling well. Speak only the words of what you want. 

    • Nothing is limited—not resources or anything else. It is only limited in the human mind.
    • Praising and blessing dissolves all negativity, so praise and bless your enemies. If you curse your enemies, the curse will come back to harm you.
    • Do the things that you love and that bring you joy. If you don't know what brings you joy, ask the question, "What is my joy?"
    • The Secret is within you. The more you use the power within you, the more you will draw it to you.
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